American Phoenix Project Bids You Farewell…

Dear friends and supporters of American Phoenix Project,


I am currently working with my attorneys to legally dissolve American Phoenix Project as a non-profit organization. This has nothing to do with the federal government’s fraudulent and corrupt indictment against me related to the events of January 6, 2021 at the U.S. Capitol, nor does it have anything to do with the Main Stream Media’s completely defamatory attempts to destroy my reputation in the court of public opinion.


Provided the federal government has not already destroyed the mountains of evidence that will lead to my acquittal in any court of law across this country, I will prove this Deep State corruption in court, whether it be a criminal court or civil court. 


The primary reason behind the pending dissolution of American Phoenix Project is that, completely unknown to me at the time, my Board of Directors was thoroughly corrupted and compromised back in the fall of 2020. 


This only became apparent to me on or around June 15, 2021. As such, I have refunded all donations received on or after June 15, 2021 and I have begun the legal process to dissolve the organization, although due to the circumstances of the dissolution there are some tricky legal issues to navigate through. 


As the legal dissolution of American Phoenix Project takes place, no one should be identifying themselves as a member of American Phoenix Project. No person or organization should be selling American Phoenix Project merchandise. No person should be making public speeches indicating they are a member of American Phoenix Project. No member of the public should attempt to make any donations to American Phoenix Project at this time or in the future. 


If you are aware of this happening, please report it to me at [email protected]


Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who supported American Phoenix Project whether by donating or working on any of our projects since we formed back in May of 2020. We formed as a purely grass roots effort to effect positive change in this country with the absolute best of intentions. I will be forever proud of American Phoenix Project and those legitimate patriotic and dedicated Americans who worked with us along the way. I will undoubtedly be back in some other form soon to continue leading peaceful efforts to restore and protect the constitutional rights of ALL Americans in the very near future. 


Sincerely and Gratefully,


Alan Hostetter

Founder and Chairman, American Phoenix Project