The American Phoenix Project came about as the result of the Covid-19 virus, the subsequent world-wide lock-down, the destruction of economies and lives, and the great awakening of We the People, that resulted from it.

OUR MISSION: American Phoenix Project arose as the result of the fear-based tyranny of 2020 caused by manipulative officials at the highest levels of our government. We will forever be dedicated to standing guard against enemies of the constitution in its original form. We are committed to restoring and protecting the inalienable rights guaranteed to all citizens of the United States under the constitution of the United States.

“As American Phoenix Project is dedicated first and foremost to the restoration and protection of your constitutional rights, it is important that we, in the furtherance of this fundamental goal, protect the sanctity and integrity of your vote. Please watch this video just released by Mike Lindell and share in every way you can. Thank you.”

What have we been awakened to you might ask? So many things, but here are just a few of the larger issues the American Phoenix Project intends to influence in a positive direction:

We must never return to the way things were before Covid-19 changed our lives and our nation forever. American Phoenix Project will:

  • Attack governmental corruption at all levels

  • Attack media disinformation and propaganda. The MSM must be held accountable!

  • Attack social media censorship

  • Educate the public on vaccines and vaccination programs

  • Resist any attempt to implement mandatory vaccination programs

  • Protect religious liberty

These are only some of the major issues American Phoenix project will begin to immediately tackle. No doubt there will be many more that will be discovered along the way. We will gather together the best minds in the country, educating the public, moving initiatives forward, and keeping this fire lit in American hearts so that we move ahead to a brighter, freer and safer future.


This outstanding documentary includes the story of Alan’s arrest for engaging in an act of civil disobedience to protest the unconstitutional acts and orders of Gavin Newsom and other state and local health officers and leaders.

Virtually overnight, the COVID-19 crisis brought the United States to a crushing halt. With the looming threat of a lethal Pandemic sweeping the land, state and local officials used emergency powers to impose restrictions on the people. But in the process, civil liberties were smothered. Constitutional rights were expropriated. And America’s vibrant economy was shocked into standstill. But the lockdown couldn’t last. Today, rising from the ashes of a sputtering economy with millions unemployed and businesses closed forever, are Americans who have had enough. The fight is on: Give me back my liberty.

In Liberty Lockdown, experts and patriots look at the debris field left behind the constitutional conundrum that now exists. Does the rule of law emanate from the Constitution, or, are the people's civil liberties now permanently at risk from powers prepped to control and change our American way of life forever?

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Convention of States

The goal of American Phoenix Project is nothing less than a second American Revolution. Only this time this revolution will be a peaceful one. Our brilliant Founding Fathers provided a mechanism for this in our existing constitution. It is called Convention of States.” It is offered under Article V.

American Phoenix Project will lobby strongly for this ultimate outcome to heal our broken nation and replace her with a free, uncensored, ethical, principled form of government that our people can trust and have confidence in. After what we just experienced, there is no confidence, there is no trust. A people cannot prosper in these conditions.

Listen to this short audio by author, lawyer, and FOX News personality Mark Levin.

The American Phoenix Project desires to implement these changes within the framework of our constitutional republic based on democratic values and principles.

The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Freedom, Liberty, and Free-Market Capitalism will become the tracks this train will travel on. Let us build up a head of steam together and enjoy a more peaceful, second American Revolution leading our children and grandchildren into a future that is simply dazzling.

Time to Impeach Our Government

The American Phoenix Project

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Lawsuit against Gavin Newsom and the State of California

Our lawsuit has been filed against Gavin Newsom and the State of California regarding unconsitutional "shelter-in-place" laws.


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Open Up Calfornia

Alan Hostetter, Director of American Phoenix Project, offers an action plan to re-open California.

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