Alan Hostetter is the founder of The American Phoenix Project

Prior to the threat of Covid-19 Alan had been peacefully and quietly teaching yoga and meditation classes, along with offering sound therapy events in his community in Orange County, California. 


Prior to Alan’s entry into the “healing arts” he had given 35 years of his life to public service as an Army Infantryman, local law enforcement officer, and private investigator conducting personnel investigations for public sector agencies. Alan holds a master’s degree in public administration.


Alan is also a husband, a father and a grandfather. When the Covid-19 threat appeared on the horizon, Alan’s unique skill set gave him the ability to understand quickly there was something much more complex than a response to a simple virus taking place.

"There is no such thing as a coincidence."

The old adage of the detective came into play for Alan.

  • A very angry and economically fragile China after being pressured into a new trade agreement with the U.S.

  • The relentless and hysterical Main Stream Media coverage occurring almost simultaneously whipping the public into a panicked frenzy of fear

  • The American economy was the hottest it had ever been in history as we moved deeper into a presidential election cycle


He began to try to educate others through social media posts, many of which were censored.

Relatively quickly, Alan became more and more convinced the media coverage was ridiculously panicked and obviously intended to heighten levels of fear. He paid more and more attention to what was going on and realized he needed to fight back against the sensationalism and pure propaganda the media was putting out.

closed-due-to-covid-19 (1)

Limitation of freedoms as yet none of the Covid-19 related statistics seemed to justify this.

Eventually, as we moved into the lock-down phase of the threat, Alan just as we all did, began to witness one executive order after another limiting our freedoms. These orders were being issued by petty tyrants at both the local and state levels. Alan watched as our America turned into a dictatorship almost overnight. These dictators had a variety of political and personal agendas that exacerbated the crisis. Yet none of the Covid-19 related statistics seemed to justify this.

Finally, Alan had seen enough and decided to fight back. He organized weekly protests involving thousands in his community of San Clemente, CA.

He continued working with others in his newly formed group to educate the public through social media posts. He organized a re-opening of small businesses in his community in spite of Governor Gavin Newsom's lock-down orders continuing indefinitely. Most importantly, through this process Alan made many new, passionate, dedicated friends and allies of like mind. These new friends continue to come and this movement continues to grow.

Alan speaks to the Orange County Board of Supervisors regarding unconstitutional lock-down orders and the Black Lives Matter organization.



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